Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which defects in the abdomen are corrected, both in the skin, fat and muscles; improving its appearance.

The procedure will, as a general rule, leave a mark like any other operation. The scar will vary in location or size. The most common one is similar to a circle surrounding the navel, and another that is located above the pubis and on both sides of the groin.

The procedures that will be performed on the person on the abdominal wall will be evaluated by a professional who will assess the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. Among these we find:


This is done when the person only has excess fat in the abdomen, but the muscle and skin are fine.

Miniabdominoplasty without umbilical desinsertion

This will be performed when there is a slight excess of skin and fat in the region bellow the navel. In this procedure the navel is not touched.

Miniabdominoplasty with umbilical desinsertion

This abdominoplasty is indicated for people in a situation similar to the previous one, but with a moderate excess of skin in the region that lies above the navel.

Abdominoplasty with vertical scar

When there is more excess skin than in previous cases, the navel will be separated from the patient's skin, which is resected and the navel redone. Patients who undergo this operation will usually have a small vertical scar above the navel area.

Lys flower Abdominoplasty

This surgery is performed only in cases where too much skin remains.

Classic or standard Abdominoplasty

For cases where there is plenty of excess skin, the remaining skin in the umbilical region is taken and joined with the pubis and the groin. The mark that results from the operation is usually easy to disguise.

Abdominoplasty with side extensions

This procedure is used to correct excess skin on the sides of the abdomen.

Circumferential or contour abdominoplasty

Indicated in situations where a person loses a lot of weight in an exaggerated way and has excess skin in all regions.

Reverse or ascendant abdominoplasty

In these abdominal plastic surgeries, excess skin is located in the area above the navel. This skin is bound the breasts, taking advantage to increase theirs size.