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Welcome to CETRANS Transgender Specialized Clinic, we are proud to belong to the Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology (ICER-D) we offer professionalism, years of experience and talent to our clients, our surgeon is among the best in the profession.

We aren't just a specialized center, we also cover many aspects of cosmetics, dermatology, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery with our multidisciplinary team.

It's necessary to have a multidisciplinary team for the care of transgender patients; It begins with the psychological accompaniment of the patient and their family, as well as an endocrinological treatment since all the changes produced by hominization can be reversible. Then we continue with feminization or masculinization of face and body contour and finally the reallocation of genitals.

We support our clinical practice in beauty, natural appearance and experience using the safest procedures.



Mexican Council of Plastic Surgery
Aesthetic and Re constructive


Mexican Academy of Dermatology

American Society
of Plastic Surgeons


Mexican Council of Dermatology