Redefines the contour of the face by fine-tuning and highlighting the cheekbones.

What is it?

Bichat bags are deposits of fatty tissue found inside the cheeks, by removing them we obtain a better definition of the facial contour.

What are the indications?

Each patient has different reasons to have a bichectomy, usually it is done to fine-tune the face in people with very prominent cheeks.

What is the procedure for a bichectomy?

It is made by incisions inside the mouth, by which the fat deposits known as Bichat bags are extracted. Since the incisions are inside the mouth there are no visible scars. It is usually performed with local anesthesia.

What's recovery like?

Patient care after surgery is just as important as using the right techniques to ensure the best results:

  • You can return to your normal activities the day after the procedure, as it usually gives minimal discomfort very similar to those of a tooth extraction.


  • The first few days the cheeks may be swollen and oral hygiene care is very important.
  • It is important to avoid irritating substances such as tobacco, alcohol or spicy food for a few days.

When am I going to see the final result?

There are people who notice changes immediately, however, the end result is observed after four to six weeks when inflammation caused by the surgery disappears.

Intervention time Anesthesia Hospitalization Recovery Effects Results
30-45 minutes Local or sedation Not required 1 day 4 - 6 weeks Permanent