Calf Augmentation



It is an operation for men and women who want to obtain form and volume that they have not achieved with exercises. Calf implants create a cosmetic backdrop on the leg and can help men and women achieve the appearance of calf muscles they want.

Calf implants are the most recommended for shaping the leg and can also correct muscle imbalance resulting from physical and congenital defects.

There are several methods to achieve calf augmentation, either:

  • Fillings
  • Implants
  • Lipoinjection

For any of these methods it is important to consider an assessment and choose the method that best suits the patient's needs and requirements.

Keep in mind that cosmetic surgery should not be carried out in clandestine clinics or with non-specialized doctors.

Intervention time Anesthesia Hospitalization Recovery Effects Results
1 to 2 hours General or local sedation

4 hours

8-10 days Long lasting Immediate