FAM – Scrotoplasty – Metoidioplasty




The scrotum not only gives aesthetic satisfaction but facilitates the function of male life with a more natural genital appearance to that of man under underwear. Our experienced plastic surgeon has performed scrotoplasty using the labia major tissues to create a bag (new scrotum) that is located approximately above the introitus. When stability is assured, testicular implants are placed. Although the skin is initially tight, over time the weight of the prostheses will lead to a more natural appearance.


In this operation, the surrounding skin of the clitoris is removed and released from the pubis to give a longer appearance. The glans appear circumcised in most patients. The end result is a penis, but very small in appearance.

The result obtained will depend on several factors such as:

  • The result is highly dependent on how the clitoris length is modified with Testosterone treatment.
  • Urethral lengthening can be done at the same surgical time or in an individual intervention.
  • Urethral enlargement requires complete removal of the vaginal mucosa.
  • The best results of metoidioplasty are in thin patients or who are near the ideal weight.
  • The removal of skin and fat from the mount of the pubis and pulling the skin up will improve the result in most patients. This will leave a curvilinear scar on the beautiful pubic and is usually performed in the second state when the expanders are replaced with a permanent testicular prosthesis.


  • Is not invasive, maintains clitoral sensitivity.
  • Maintains clitoral sensitivity.
  • Has no obvious surgical scar.


  • The penis, however, will not be the size of an adult, and is not long enough to have sex.

The formation of the scrotum (scrotoplasty) is done during the same surgical time as the Metoidioplasty, if it is desired in the same way permanent prostheses can be put in the scrotum at the same surgical time there is no possible damage in putting the 2 testicular prostheses. If the urethral enlargement is done, we must wait 3 months to have expanders or prostheses placed.