Face feminization










Non-surgical technique with Hyaluronic Acid

When feminizing a male-looking face, we must take into account that the greatest volume is in the upper third and at the time of feminizing we must work the middle third looking for the most prominent site to be the cheekbones; since by highlighting and focusing on this area we will be able to hide the lower third obtaining softer mandibular lines and a more feminine appearance.



After making the decision to change and live as a woman, the first thing to consider is the restructuring of the face so that it looks sweeter, softer and more feminine. In general, the features of a man and a woman have visible differences and only a specialized and experienced surgeon can create a face that matches the gender desired.


The facial features of a man and a woman differ in the following:



  • Women have a contoured forehead and a curve framed with fine hair.
  • Men have entries in the forehead and the same wider and taller.
  • Women have arched eyebrows and eyebrow bones are little or no pronounced.
  • Men have thicker and higher eyebrows located lower than women.




  • The bias in a woman's nose is softer than that of a man.
  • Men have erect noses, no curves, projecting a harder or bronco look.




Cheek bones

  • The female cheek bones are very curved, appearing a full face.
  • Men have the most rectangular, low and flattened cheek bones.





  • Women have fat, puckered lips, barely revealing teeth.
  • Men have thin, straight and longer lips.





  • Women have a gently pointed and curved chin, not protruding.
  • Men have a wide chin and clearly outward.





  • Women have a narrow jaw, the invisible salivary gland.
  • Men have a wide and more prominent jaw.


Surgical techniques

  • Hair implant
  • Frontal sinus
  • Superciliary flange
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Bichectomy
  • Decrease of pro-lip
  • Mandibular Angle
  • Chin
  • Cricoid cartilage surgery