Jowl Liposuction



The jowl is the accumulation of fat under the jaw, which gives us the appearance of a long face and a very short neck. The liposuction of jowl helps us to define the facial contour and to show a longer neck.

What is it?

Jowl liposuction is the technique used to remove the excess fat that accumulates under the jaw.

What are the indications?

Each patient has different reasons to have a liposuction of the jowl, in general it is performed to:

  • Fine-tune and define the contour of the face.
  • Define the angle of the neck.
  • It is recommended in young patients with elastic skin.

What is the procedure of a jowl liposuction?

Performed under local anesthesia or sedation, the surgeon makes a small incision under the chin, which inserts a cannula that sucks in excess fat located under the jaw.


What's recovery like?

Patient care after surgery is just as important as using the right techniques to ensure the best results:

  • You can return to your normal activities within three to five days after the procedure, as it usually causes minimal discomfort.
  • Maximum inflammation is observed on the third day and decreases as the days go by. Some patients may present bruising. The first few days it is necessary to take pain relievers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • A special bandage is required for three weeks.

When am I going to see the final result?

Changes are observed immediately after surgery, however, at three weeks inflammation has decreased by 80% and the final results are observed up to three months.

Intervention time Anesthesia Hospitalization Recovery Effects Results
30 - 45 minutes Local or sedation Not required 3 - 4 days 4 - 6 weeks Long lasting