Face masculinazation




Non-surgical technique

When having a patient who wishes to masculinize his face, we must always take into account his ideas and his expectations, to define a treatment plan. We have to remember the areas of greatest prominence and impact on a male face; they are the forehead, the nose, the zygomatic bone, the maxillary angles, the chin, and the cricoid cartilage.


The facial features of a man and a woman differ in the following:



  • The male skull normally has prominent bone in frontal sinus areas making it larger.



  • Male cheekbones are more angled and less rounded than female cheekbones.



Adam's apple

  • One of the most visible differences between man and woman is that Adam's apple is located in the center of the throat.



  • The male nose tends to be longer than the female.



  • The male chin tends to be longer and square with the flattest base.



  • The male jaws are wide and have prominence of the angle.


Surgical techniques

  • Hair implant
  • Frontal sinus
  • Superciliary flange
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Bichectomy
  • Decrease of pro-lip
  • Mandibular Angle
  • Chin
  • Cricoid cartilage surgery